We created GBC Légal in order to satisfy the strategic objectives of our clients and represent their interests with vigour and efficiency, both through judicial litigation and arbitration, as well as through alternative modes of conflict resolution such as mediation.

Our team brings together experienced attorneys that have a decades-long experience in civil and commercial litigation, insolvency and bankruptcy law, business and corporate affairs as well as commercial arbitration. We act on behalf both of corporate and individual clients before the courts of Québec, the Federal Court and the Supreme Court of Canada and have been involved in complex files of national scope over the past thirty years, creating significant jurisprudence that has impacted the practice of law in Québec and Canada.

We have also never forgotten the importance of being attentive to the needs of our clients in order to better accompany them throughout the legal process. The creation of a personalized relationship between lawyer and client is at the heart of our vision of the practice of law.

GBC Légal is an independent and dynamic boutique firm that will represent your interests with expertise and creativity.


Civil and Commercial Litigation

Our team represents the varied interests of our clients in matters such as claims for general civil and contractual liability, shareholder disputes and claims for oppression, insurance indemnity claims, disputes regarding wills, estates and the appointment of liquidators

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law

30 years of experience in bankruptcy law, liquidation and CCAA proceedings, representing Trustees, individual creditors and debtors, creating notable jurisprudence and developing a particular expertise in dealing with ethics law governing Trustees in bankruptcy

Business and Tax Law

Incorporation and shareholders’ agreements, dispute resolution between shareholders, negotiations with tax authorities and appearances before the tax courts, elaboration of ESG policies and regulations in matters of eco-taxation

Private International Law

Ratification of foreign judgments or arbitration awards, disputes concerning the jurisdiction of Québec courts or arbitrators in civil or commercial matters, transborder insolvency proceedings

Civil and Commercial Mediation and Arbitration

Experience in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms with the assistance of an accredited mediator or arbitrator, both in civil and commercial matters (shareholders’ agreements, franchise, distribution or financing agreements, business sales)

Real Estate Law and Hypothecary Claims

Litigious real estate transactions, undivided co-ownership agreements, hidden defects, commercial tenant/landlord relations, hypothecary claims and dispute resolution in commercial financing agreements


Jean-Philippe Gervais
Anne-Émilie Beaulieu
Patrick Goudreau

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